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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hohoho... Look this shirt cool, it had periodic table printed on it. haha thank for the gift Janice & Michelle.. Today wake up quite late, 12 then wake up pig sei. haha then play game (Call for Duty 5) till 3 then go prepared myself to go out, reach marina square bout 5+ then meet my frenz. After meeting them circuit bout raffles city. now every shop also got discount then my frenx bought alot of thing big small bags haa then we went for our dinner at imperial treasure. After dinner went to nearby cafe... but think of tml i veri sian sei cause i goin back camp tml le arh... time passed so fast one week just gone in a blink...sob ...

~ { 12/20/2008 11:22:00 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

thurday, 19/12/08, i do nothing haha. Wake up at 11 then wash up, bout to finish my dad rush to me ask me to go had lunch with him. so went for lunch (Noodles) then went back home bout 1220. Then stood in front of my computer watching drama and play some games, time passed fast, 3pm i went out heading toward somerset meeting jiawei all for movie "ip man" very nice action and comedy movie must WATCH haha. After movie we take a short circuit of orchard then went for our dinner. We waited quite long and we were starving for seat already. Today quite surprise that there is alot people in orchard during weekday haha...

~ { 12/16/2008 10:38:00 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, December 15, 2008

New BloG!!!

yup change my blog and everything, it feel little better then the previously, i guess haha. Anyway i so happy finally POP already, i so pleased that now i having a wondrous week of block leaves for me to relish haha. I must treasure this week, it will be over soon haha.i load 1 Pic first,upload few more ltr on.hee Slacking at home so hungry, i go eat my lunch first ... :)

~ { 12/15/2008 11:34:00 AM }
reflections of you and me;